Maybe you will remember me. I am the niece of Mr Sri Rama Murthy. About 15 years ago you did a very large painting of a lady blowing a trumpet for me. [Jayabheri or Ranabheri] I have received many many compliments on it. I have always regretted I didnt buy the black and white one of the old man sitting on the street ... More..

Rama Pidikiti


Usha, the artist, is known for her portraits, abstract paintings, figurative paintings and still life. Her paintings are coated with varnish to protect the colors for extended life And durability. All the paintings displayed in this web site are Usha’s originals. The Abstracts paintings are done in Acrylic and the portraits in oils / pastel.


Several of the paintings have been sold out. However, if an abstract painting somewhat similar to any of those displayed in the web site is desired, an attempt will be made by the artist to recreate the work to the extent possible.  Every art lover knows that exact reproduction of any abstract painting is impossible.


Here is what one of Usha’s customers wrote, after purchasing multiple paintings from her works.

"Usha's art is amazing! Absolutely stunning!  I have about a 5 to 6 of her paintings and they are sooo rich, full of color and texture. I have received wonderful comments from all my neighbors and friends as these paintings just make my rooms energetic!  There is so much energy in her paintings!  Still they are all different subject and techniques.  Usha's art, is rich and powerful, happy and creative.  If you see a piece online that you like, chances are, that in person you will like it much better”.

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